What To Expect With Pilot Substanace Abuse Treatment

If you are a pilot and you are ready to get proper substance abuse treatment, you might want to know just what it is that you can expect. The more you know about what you are walking into when you seek out professional treatment, the more comfortable you can be about the entire process. Here are some of the things that you should know: You May Receive Time Off From Flying   [Read More]

4 Issues Young Adult Anxiety Counseling Addresses

The truth is everyone feels nervous from time to time. If you notice that your anxiety persists and has been getting worse over time, you might want to seek anxiety counseling. Otherwise, your anxiety disorder could end up severely impairing your ability to function in day-to-day life. This condition could also interfere with your relationships with family members and friends. Fortunately, though, there are effective treatments for young adults suffering from anxiety. [Read More]

What Benefits Will You Have As A Gay Male Therapist?

While it's very uncommon to have a person's sexual identity come into play in the workplace, when it comes to counseling, being a gay male therapist can benefit you in more ways than one. You can reach the type of client who will best benefit from what you have to offer and you can feel great about reaching a demographic you understand well. What benefits will you have as a gay male therapist? [Read More]

4 Effective Types Of Trauma Treatment Programs For Youth

Trauma can affect a person's mind and body. In the wake of trauma, kids may close themselves off or display erratic behavior. The physical effects of trauma can include poor sleep and low appetite. Conversely, people suffering from trauma may also overeat or display depressive symptoms, which can include oversleeping. If you notice your child displaying behaviors congruent with trauma, seeking help is the best thing you can do for them. [Read More]