Stop Stressing over Your Medication! 3 Natural Anxiety Treatments

2 Mar

Treating stress and anxiety is imperative for living a fulfilling life. If you are part of the 40 million adults in the United States with an anxiety disorder, you may be taking prescription medications. While effective in many cases, these medications may be doing more harm to your body than you realize. From the overwhelming […]

Prescription Drug Addiction: 3 Ways Recovery Centers Help Patients Reach Out For Support

22 Dec

Prescription drugs are just a big of a threat as street drugs when it comes to addiction. In fact, 52 million Americans over the age of 12 have used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes sometime in their life. Unfortunately, this can lead to addiction. If you’re struggling with an addiction and are looking to get […]

3 Ways Uncontrolled Anger Affects Relationships

4 Dec

If your spouse has problems controlling his or her anger, you may long for him or her to get professional help. Anger is something that can cause pain to others, and it can eventually destroy a relationship. While anger is a normal emotion, it can easily get out of control when a person does not […]

3 Principles Taught In Premarital Counseling That Will Make Your Marriage Stronger

1 Sep

When a young couple gets engaged, they are often experiencing eros love, which is the type of love that makes you feel great and invincible. Unfortunately, this type of love does not always last. When things in marriage do not go exactly how you had planned, it can disrupt these great feelings, but premarital counseling […]

Stop Your Hoarding Habits By Seeking Help From A Counselor

24 Jun

Hoarding is a type of obsessive compulsive disorder that affects approximately 1 in 50 people. While you may not think you have a hoarding problem, your friends and relatives might disagree. If you finally come to the realization that you might be a compulsive hoarder, there is help available. You can break the cycle and […]

2 Important Tips To Help Your Blended Family Be Successful

29 Apr

If you are about to enter into your second marriage and have kids, you will be joining two families into one, and this is called a blended family. Blended families often have issues that are not present in traditional family settings, but you can create a happy and healthy atmosphere by starting out on the […]

Coping With Chronic Illness: 4 Reasons Mental Health Care Is Vital

16 Apr

If you have a chronic illness, you may dedicate most of your time and resources to your physical symptoms but neglect the psychological aspects of your illness. Making your mental health a priority can be equally as important as medical care to manage your illness. Working Through Grief The need for counseling and support throughout […]