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What To Expect With Pilot Substanace Abuse Treatment

If you are a pilot and you are ready to get proper substance abuse treatment, you might want to know just what it is that you can expect. The more you know about what you are walking into when you seek out professional treatment, the more comfortable you can be about the entire process. Here are some of the things that you should know:

You May Receive Time Off From Flying  

Whether you are a pilot for a career or you fly recreationally for your own personal and private enjoyment, you will likely receive a temporary restriction on your pilot's license. This is generally done to keep yourself, your passengers, and the people on the ground as safe as possible while you work through the beginning stages of your substance abuse treatment plan. Don't worry about getting your license back. As long as you successfully complete the program and you are able to steer clear of illegal or addictive substances, you will be flying again soon enough.

You Will Learn How To Better Handle The Stress

Pilots can find themselves under a lot of stress, especially those that work as a pilot for a living. You are responsible for a major aircraft and for the lives of many people. That is a lot of weight on the shoulders of a single person. While you might not be able to avoid the stress that can come from being a pilot, you can learn healthy ways to cope with it. Turning to alcohol or illegal substances can no longer be an option for you. Your substance abuse counselors will be able to offer you alternative ways to wind down after a long day in the sky.

As you can start to imagine, it is incredibly important for you to receive substance abuse treatment as a pilot. The last thing you want to do is to just assume that you can handle it on your own and then end up in a position where you are putting lives at risk. Take some time off from flying if that helps and research the pilot substance abuse rehabilitation programs in your area. It's important to make sure that the programs you are looking at are familiar with the stress pilots go through, as this is how they will be able to formulate a way to really help you get through all of the issues that are unique to you and your career or hobby.

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