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Understanding The Four Main Types Of ADHD Counseling

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, their doctor may suggest a combination of medication and behavioral therapy to help manage their ADHD and support them in social and academic environments. Generally, four types of counseling are recommended for children with ADHD. Understanding them better can help you and your child's therapist create a plan for your family. 

Behavioral parent training (BPT)​ 

Parent training can give you the skills and confidence you need to create a structured environment at home that will support your child's development. During parent training, you may learn various techniques to motive positive behaviors such as reward systems, and ways to mitigate negative behaviors. Parent training can be done on your own or in a group with other parents. Some counselors may also suggest joint sessions with you and your child to create your weekly schedule together. 

Behavioral classroom management (BCM)

Similar to parental training, classroom interventions involve either your child's teacher or a support staff from your child's school who will work with your child to increase their academic engagement. This may involve a daily report card or a small reward system. While many schools will provide support staff for your child with ADHD, your child may want to work with a personal counselor to help determine which methods work best for them. You or your child's counselor can then implement an individual strategy with your child's teacher. 

Behavioral peer interventions (BPI)

There are many ways to help your child with ADHD learn appropriate social skills that will allow them to interact with their peers in healthy manners. Common forms of treatment include group sessions at a clinic or school where your child and others practice social skills under supervision. Another option is for your child to be assigned a peer role model to help keep them on track. Finally, your child may participate in special camps or recreational programs that focus on social skills. All of these types of peer intervention should be led by a qualified professional and combined with parental and teacher training. 

Organizational Skills Training

Organizational skills training will give your child specific practical skills to manage their schedule. This can include methods for organizing their homework assignments, creating schedules for their activities, and other tasks your child completes on a regular basis. 

ADHD treatment can be highly effective, especially if the four types of counseling are combined to offer your child support in every sphere of their life.