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Open Adoption Services And The Benefits To The Child

Being an adopted child can leave the young person with many unanswered questions. Open adoption services try to bridge the distance between adoptive families and biological families in ways that make sense for the child. The adoptive and birth parents go into an open adoption agreement with parameters set in place by both sets of parents, and it is a legally binding contract designed with the child's best interests in mind. For families willing to adopt a child and still have a connection with the birth family, this can be a wonderful relationship for all involved. When a birth family can't take care of the needs of a child but want to maintain some sort of connection, open adoption services are the answer.

Open Adoption Agreements are Child-Centered

Children need to feel loved, wanted and cared for. A child who goes through the adoption process may always wonder why they couldn't stay with their biological parents. An open adoption agreement can help the child to better understand their situation. While the level of interaction between birth families and adoptive families is different in every case, a child who is not kept away from their birth parents is going to have an easier time adjusting. 

Families are Created Differently

For people who are ready to adopt a child, an open adoption agreement can grow their family in ways they never dreamed of. With an open connection with the biological parents, this can create a different kind of family centered around love and commitment to raising the child. It can be much easier for a biological family to agree to an adoption when they know they will have some level of contact with their child. When one family can't take care of a child but another can, this can create a bond that lasts forever between the two families.

The Child Doesn't Feel Deserted

When two families decide on an open adoption agreement, the child doesn't feel deserted by the biological family. The level of contact with biological grandparents, cousins, or parents may be vastly different from one case to another, but the child will get the support of both families when it makes sense to do so. 

Open adoption services make it easier for a child to accept they are adopted. The process isn't hidden, and the child benefits from knowing information about their biological family. It takes the stigma out of adoption and creates families that thrive.

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