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What Types Of Programs Are Beneficial For Children With Down Syndrome?

If your child was born with Down syndrome, you may now be focused on finding different ways to help him or her. There are different types of therapies and programs offered to patients with Down syndrome. These programs and therapies are available to help the individuals who were born with the condition and need some extra assistance with certain things, such as learning how to effectively communicate.

Speech Therapy Sessions

Some young children with Down syndrome have the most trouble with their speech. They may attempt to say certain words that don't seem to come out correctly. If this is going on with your little one, speech therapy can help in a number of ways. A speech pathologist may come straight to your home to work with your child on trying out different movements with the tongue and lips while working on producing a variety of different sounds. As your child starts to make progress during these one-on-one therapy sessions, the speech pathologist may then work on trying to say assorted words and phrases that are most difficult for him or her to say at the moment.

Traditional Counseling

As children with Down syndrome get older, they often notice that they're a bit different than their peers. Unfortunately, there are other children in a school environment that may point these differences out, making your child feel upset, uncomfortable, and even depressed. However, it's important for your little one to understand that he or she is special and that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being different.

Attending traditional counseling sessions would be a great idea for your child. He or she could meet with a counselor to talk about feelings and let out any frustration while receiving plenty of support. Some group counseling sessions with other Down syndrome patients may be available to encourage individuals to socialize more and ensure that they understand they're not alone.

Behavioral therapy is often offered to individuals with Down syndrome. When paired with traditional counseling, it's an effective method of teaching individuals how to cope with their feelings the right way instead of acting out. It's something you should talk to your child's pediatrician about as soon as you can.

If you'd like to help your child who was born with Down syndrome, start looking into speech therapy, counseling, and even behavioral therapy. Getting your child involved in different therapies and programs now could help him or her out at the moment and in the future. Your little one may learn how to communicate better and deal with feelings of being different in an effective way.

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