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Stop Stressing over Your Medication! 3 Natural Anxiety Treatments

Treating stress and anxiety is imperative for living a fulfilling life. If you are part of the 40 million adults in the United States with an anxiety disorder, you may be taking prescription medications. While effective in many cases, these medications may be doing more harm to your body than you realize. From the overwhelming number of side effects to possible dependency issues, it is easy to see the reasoning behind treating your anxiety naturally. Using this guide, you can stop taking prescription medications and treat your anxiety disorder in a more natural manner.


Centering on the use of various forms of water, hydrotherapy is a holistic option for many physical and emotional ailments. During the therapy, water is used to increase the circulation of blood, ease muscles, and relax the body and mind. A few different forms of hydrotherapy are available.

When you are feeling panicky or in the midst of an anxiety attack, consider taking a shower or soaking in a jetted tub for relief. The water should be either hot or cold, depending on your preferred temperature.

In addition to showers and baths, the use of warm compresses can also ease your anxiety by calming your mind, reducing your stress.


Exercising your body is another great way to treat your anxiety without the use of medication. During exercise, you brain releases natural endorphins through the body. The chemicals are proven to improve your mood while calming your mind and body.

When you are feeling excessive stress or an increase in your anxiety, consider taking a walk or running for a few minutes. Yoga, swimming, and weight-lifting are also great options to consider.

Unfortunately, your anxiety may be causing you to feel depressed, which decreases your desire to complete daily activities. However, adding exercise to your daily routine will help your depression while easing your stress and anxiety.


Massage therapy can ease your stress and anxiety, as well. During this holistic treatment, professionals gently, yet firmly, work the physical tension out of your back, neck, head, legs, and arms. Not only does massage improve your body's blood flow, but it also triggers the brain to send out endorphins through your body.

Massage may feel good physically, but it is also a great way to reduce the symptoms of your anxiety disorder.


Your primary care doctor may prescribe you medications to treat your anxiety disorder, but you should also consult a therapist. Therapy is likely the most effective treatment for your anxiety, but it will take some time and effort for it to be a success.  Counseling is not only a great way to learn about your disorder, but it will also help reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of severe anxiety.

During a counseling session, your therapist will first discuss the different symptoms of your disorder. If your anxiety is causing you to have panic attacks, therapy will center around preventing and managing these attacks. If your anxiety causes you to have obsessive behavior, a different approach to treatment will be necessary.

Once the type of anxiety disorder is determined, you and your therapist can design a plan for management and relief. Therapy may involve open and honest communication, exposure to various anxiety triggers, and relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises.

For further information about counseling and how it can help you, speak with a representative from an establishment like Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Inc.

 Severe anxiety disoders can affect your life, but you do not need to take toxic prescription medications. Using these natural options, you can treat your severe anxiety disorder in a natural and safe manner.